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  1. Who We Are

Web Development is worldwide creation portal for business and developers. We was created for connect developers and peoples, who wants to develop business faster. Connect to us and you can feel our support just now.

  1. Why Choose WebDevQ

WebDevQ helps you:


Creative design with our supported

  • Right in the first look, the theme’s header is not just some passive “hero image”. Instead, you can include a background video to put life into your site. Simply leave a trendy & professional impress on your visitors!
  • For the menu, different from normal menus you usually see, we support a full screen menu giving your users a complete new experience navigating the site. Much more focus!
  • WebDevQ also includes a premium page builder for more customizability. Staying away from complicated processes, you can save tons of time building up your site, right in the front-end. All you need to do is dragging the content blocks to the position you want and order them properly.


Monetize your site right away

  • With WebDevQ, you can create different payment plans charging employers to post their projects as well as featuring them. Using this way, you can generate revenue from your freelance marketplace.
  • WebDevQ supports the most popular payment gateways such as PayPal, 2CheckOut, and also by manual bank transfer, making it easier for your users to complete transactions and for you to collect your earnings.


Optimize on-site user experience

  • We help you experience simplicity creating the site and make sure you can also share this experience for those who are using your site.
  • For the employers, we offer “Post a project” option with tons of great options such as project title, budget, needed skills, category and description. They can specify all qualities they expect from the freelancers.
  • For the freelancers, they can access to the member areas to build up their professional profiles. All needed details are offered. They can insert their personal information, their hourly rate as well as adding their portfolios.
  • Users can use the focus search to find their suitable partners. Simply insert the keyword and the system will give all detailed results including project title, posted date, budge, etc.
  1. How It Works

Find suitable participants for the projects

Employer posts a project and freelancers bid this project. Then, employer choose the most suitable freelancer to work the project by accepting a bid.

Enter workspace

After a bid acceptance, both employer & freelancer open workspace for further discussion regarding the project.


Employer will review this project when the freelancer finishes. If the employer is satisfied with this project, he clicks the Finish button and writes a review for the freelancer. If not, he can send a dispute to the admin

  1. Meet Our Team

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