A illustrations about Customer Care in e-commerce

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Posted on 31.05.2019


Project Desciption

Illustration without color, black and white should be good. Best is simple illustrate with stick man.

Box Opening
1.Open the box in an enclosed room with temperature and medium light levels
2.Ensure that there are no glaring lights so that fish do not go into shock during box opening
3.Upon opening of box lid please leave all bags in box for 5 minutes for light acclimatization before lifting bags out of box
4.Note* Do not lift bags from boxes suddenly and position them against glaring light to check for arrival conditions

Acclimatization Guide
1.Float the bags for 5-10 minutes to adjust the temperature
2.Open the bag and add some water from aquarium into the bag.
3.Repeat adding of water from aquarium into bags at one or two more 5 minutes interval
4.Release the fish into tank slowly
5.If fish are looking stressed please keep light levels low
6.Note* If bags arrive with dirty water, please discard 30-50% of dirty water before adding aquarium water into bag.

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