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Posted on 09.06.2019


Project Desciption

Atom pos – cross platform should work on (windows, ios , android ) and windows ce
this project divided to to main code (windows, ios , android ) will go with delphi as embarcadero support these platforms and for windows ce (form windows mobile and pda) i prefer delphi  lazarus
application will have these features :
1- sales invoice ( sales base on client list only ) save and print invoice on mobile printer with procedure below :
click new invoice -> select client (by client code(use barcode label) or phone number ) -> start addind items ( by barcode or from catalogue design) -> check the items and totals -> confirm and print the invoice (after printing add encryption signature to invoice row and closed for ever) no edit allow in any mistake – should make and return invoice (credit note) that in office not in pos
note: no sales on qty zero, discount allow as the config max , vat calculation
2- client list can add only (client field : id, name , address(city, zone, street ) ,phone(1 and 2 ), tax register, and other fix value for accounting details
3- items list
4- transfer invoice ( click transfer -> option (in/out) -> select warehouse – > add products
5- sync manager to receive ( client list – stock items list ) send ( sales invoice , transfer invoice , new clients created )
6- print on mobile printer ( invoice , daily sales report , daily transfer report)
7- each type of invoices has owen id no. ( AAA WH/######)
8-database local (any) and should connect to Interbase remotely to send and receive data

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