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Posted on 12.06.2019


Project Desciption

C'8 needs your help for its continued website development (www.c8coordinate.com).  Here's a link to a rough draft of the features to be added in our continued development milestones doc where we invite you to propose labor hours/costs per feature (we have paid $15 USD / hour up to this point with plans to increase to $20 when funding assistance begins to flow/allows):

And here's a link to the original layout design doc for reference:
Introducing C'8 – Coordinate, a purely altruistic, free and available to all international disaster (and other) aid coordination webapp that unites all aid givers with all disaster victims and communities in need as well as with aid materials suppliers and the rest of the world that might be moved to give aid in some way from a distance.

Where Facebook is social, LinkedIn is business, etc, C’8 is one purely altruistic unified platform for disaster (and other) aid coordination.

C'8 is a tool of pure giving and efficient and effective coordinated aid.  Among other things, C'8 facilitates direct, specific, immediate, zero overhead, 100% transparent aid donations in a game-changing way.  Being able to give directly to a specific person/family for a specific need is great, but giving directly to the supplier of the aid materials needed in the name of that specific person/family is even more pure, immediate and free of potential aid funding abuses which are far too common in the world today.

We invite aid givers, aid giving groups, disaster victims and others in need, aid materials suppliers, those that like to help in disaster recovery and to give aid to those in need in general, and everyone else to create your C'8 profiles and to begin to create C'8 posts of your needs, of the needs of someone else, of offers of aid, etc.

We invite your participation in its launch and continued development!  Thank you and welcome to C'8!

www.c8coordinate.com (work in progress)
YouTube playlist: https://goo.gl/sZrh4U

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