Fingerprint and Qrcode access control module

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Posted on 30.05.2019


Project Desciption

I need a PHP system that connects to a barcode/QRcode AND a fingerprint reader (See  using Java or C++ or whatever it needs for the api to be accesible from php/mysql

the system will have 3 modules:

a) super-admin module
the super-admin will be able to backup/restore/export to excel databases and to edit all the tables

b) operations module
operations office will be able to assign employees (or groups of employees) to a nine different areas of work for the next day and, when the employee logs in (with the fingerprint or identity card with bar or qr code) the user module will indicate the assigned area for the day.

Operator must be able to…
1. Create groups
2. Create, edit and delete employee's profiles
3. Assign an employee as group coordinator and link it to a group

Create, edit and delete "Areas"
5. Assign an employee to an specific Area (drag and drop between the list of employees and any of the nine areas (may be rectangles for easy dropping). If the employee is a group ccordinator, must ask the operator if he wants to assign the entire group to the same Area.

The module will ask the initial date for the assignment and will suggest the same as “final date” but the operator can change it to assign the employee (or entire group) to the same area for a long range of dates.
6. Add personalized messages for each group or individual. If the message is posted to the group administrator, the system will ask if the message is for the entire group.

C) User Module (Where the readers will be connected)
When the employee logs in  (with the fingerprint or identity card with bar or QR code) the module must identify the employee searching the employee's table  and then search for the destinations table where Operations Office indicated the Area where this employee must work today and (if any) show the personalyzed message to the person. If the person has a message the module will beep and the employee must indicate “Aknowledge” by loggin in again (using fingerprint or bar or QR code)
If the employee logs in again, the system will assume the person is leaving the work area (except when the person is accepting a message)

As a second stage the system will add an Attendance Control and Working Time modules so it must include a log for each employee (login and logout) with a datetime field in an “attendance” table.

This tables must be included but you can suggest more or improvements

table employees
employee_id (alphanumeric, 20)
employee_fingerprint (depending on API)
employee_name (alphanumeric, 60)
employee_coordinator  (boolean Y/N)

table areas
area_id (alphanumeric,2)
area_name (text,20)
area_active (boolean Y/N)

table groups
group_id  (alphanumeric, 3)
group_name (text,30) this field is optional
group_coordinator (alphanumeric, 20) the ID of the coordinator


table attendance
attendance_id (numeric autoincremental)

table assignment
assignment_id  (numeric autoincremental)
assignment_date (in the future)

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