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Posted on 19.04.2019


Project Desciption


We are a startup digital marketing agency based in Brooklyn looking for a freelance writer. We are launching within the next few weeks and new a 5 star, super talented writer to help us do the following:

– Write 23 Blog Articles (750 avg words per article with a combination of pre-determined and your choice topics) in the digital marketing realm.
– Review (10 pages) Website Copy and Submit Suggested Changes.
– Write 6 Newsletters aligned with company’s sales funnel to help convert subscribers

We are looking to have majority of this content by June 1. This would DEFINITELY lead to more opportunities if great work is produced. We are looking to bundle the tasks above as a project rather than by the hour. Please send links, resumes or writing examples with an estimate time of completion and price estimate. Looking forward to hearing from you!” />

Freelance Blog Writer, Website Copy Editor, Newsletter Writer – Freelance Job in Article & Blog Writing – $400 Fixed Price, posted April 19, 2019 – Upwork

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