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Posted on 31.05.2019


Project Desciption

The idea is to make a web page for a travel agency, we have several design ideas but we are open to here what you propose for the design ( we would like it to be a luxury elegant design but mixing the travel theme ) and what it should have is the following:

– We want the website to be dynamic, since we want it to get the customer's attention and to make them feel motivated to the idea of traveling.

-When entering the page,  must be the part of subscribe where they can put their e-mail so we can be able to have a database. In this part we would like to have a background of a video with sea waves, that makes the sensation of tranquility and at the same time make them want to be there.

After passing through the video and everything:

The first page we would like a picture in the background and in the same picture have two buttons that says something like make your trip ( we have a trip request that they are going to fill if they click in there)  where people will be able to leave the necessary information that we need in order to send a quotation.

– And the other button would say something like flexible trip where you can fill out another form that would be like a traveler's profile, which according to the customer's answers it will appear some options like recommendations of places or travel packages.

– At the top of the page where it would be the logo and the tabs we wil like for the tabs to be the following :

– special dates: where customers can see special dates, would be like a calendar where appears january to december and in every month will appear the events that are in each month.
– Blog : where we will post some information

– who we are : where it would say who we are and how we work.
– CONTACT : where it would say our company information (address, email, facebook, instagram and phone numbers)

– We are also interested in having the payment option through paypal. ( So our clients can buy the travel packages )

– a 24 hour chat that is connected to the mail or whatsapp.

– Ssl certificate

as we are into luxury travel we would love the page to be dynamic but with the sensity of luxure.

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