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Posted on 12.06.2019


Project Desciption

Looking for a Partner Marketeer

Sirena develops technology that simplifies sales communications. We help businesses manage their relations with clients through WhatsApp. Our goal is to be a leading software company that helps businesses create an impact on their customers.

We are looking for an enthusiastic and driven individual that will become a Partner Marketeer that will help our partnership team grow into one of the main revenue drivers in the company.

You must have/be:
– Good communication skills
– Fluent in Spanish
– Willing to go the extra mile
– Experience in sales/cold calling (a plus)
– Organized
– Excel/Google Sheets medium

You will be:
– Helping us communicate with potential partners through cold calling and emailing
– Have preliminary checks with potential partners to explain the partner program
– Onboard the partner in everything related to the product, integrations, demos, reporting, etc
– Following up with potential partners and scheduling meetings for the Partnership Manager to attend while on trips
– Helping current partners with everyday questions and quotes
– Following up with current partners about potential new deals

We will be providing you with the following so you can accomplish your goals:
– Database with the contacts from potential partners in different Latin American Regions
– An script to use during the call with potential partners
– A HubSpot user to be able to communicate with the potential partners through the phone
– Online training of the platform to be able to perform short demos
– Online training about our partner program qualifications

You will need to report:
– The amount of calls done per day
– The amount of emails sent per day
– The amount of pre qualifications meetings per week
– The amount of meetings scheduled per week
– The amount of quotes sent to partners per week
– The amount of follow up calls or WhatsApp conversations with current partners

To be considered for the role you will need to answer the following:
1. What previous experience do you have dealing with clients/partners?
2. What experience do you have in cold calling and writing professional emails?
Please provide a writing sample of an email inviting a customer for a call to explain the partnership program (In Spanish)
3. How comfortable are you with technology?

We will communicate mostly through WhatsApp, Slack and Email and will have a weekly meeting to asses any issues that might arise during the week.

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