React – Frontend devloper with dev ops basics

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Posted on 14.06.2019


Project Desciption

We are looking for people who have these skills already called mandatory skills.


* Available Now to Start Part Time or Full Time
* Can work weekends in the start (At lease for first 2 weeks and either Sat or Sun)

* Deploy React on an Ubuntu Linux Server
* Setup CI process in GitLab
* Have created at least 10 data tables
* Has used Webix Tree and DnD
* Has setup a Session Manager in Angular/React (JWT)
* Must be able to work with APIs

If these skills and requirements match you then the test would be smooth and we can hire you directly.

— READ — During our hiring process we have a period where we have a max rate until passing key milestones which we both agree. If your asking RATE is above this and you do not mention any thing about our starting rate we will assume you did not read this.

We are looking for people ready to be professional and work in a process. If you are VERY new and are an intern then we would immediately shortlist you for that level based on some answers to questions.

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