Renal Cell carcinoma

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Posted on 13.06.2019


Project Desciption

INTRODUCTION: Renal cancer presented more than 400,000 new cases confirmed in 2018 in the world, with renal cell carcinoma (rcc) being the most prevalent histological type and clear cell carcinoma the most common subtype of rcc (bray, 2018; muglia and prando, 2015). In 2019, approximately 74,000 new cases of rcc were estimated in the us. More than 90% of these cancers are parenchymal origin, subdivided according to clear cell histology (CCRcc), papillary (CCRp) and chromophobe (Ccrc), followed by other less common subtypes such as hereditary renal cancer syndromes (chow, 2010 , muglia, 2015).
With the increased use of imaging tests in the diagnosis of diseases, about 70% of RCCs are incidentally diagnosed (VARGAS, 2012), making it necessary to know the histological types of RCCs by radiologists for the recognition of pathologies and assistance in patient management.
PURPOSE: To correlate the characteristics of ct and mri scans described in the literature as suspicion of rcc with the pathology result after total or partial nephrectomy.
METHODS: A descriptive, retrospective, unicentric study was carried out by reviewing the ct and mri images performed in the department of image of the ac camargo cancer center in patients submitted to total or partial nephrectomy from january 1, 2016 to december 31, 2017, correlating the findings of the image with the anatomopathological result.
RESULTS: The image of 83 patients was reviewed, being 54 males and 29 females. In the post-surgical pathology, the most common histological type was CCRcc in 39 cases (47.0%), followed by the papillary (19.3%). There was a good correlation between the image and the pathology in relation to tumor size (r = 0.754, p <0.01) and T staging (k = 0.595, p <0.01).

CONCLUSION: Contrast imaging tests have good accuracy for locoregional staging of renal tumors, showing a good correlation between the histological subtype and tumor size in the preoperative examinations compared to the post-surgical anatomopathological, and therefore, tests with good clinical applicability for staging and surgical planning of these conditions

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