Simple front yard landscape design for my house

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Posted on 19.04.2019


Project Desciption

Digital Design Work requested for my house:

I have a simple front yard that I need help designing the landscape to make it less barren and more of a home for my family. The space to be designed is roughly 20'X40'. In the photos that is from the concrete stairs (left) to the end of the cinder retaining wall (right). Changes could be made from the cinder retaining wall up to the area where the ADT sign is (left front of house). Does not need to be overtly complicated; just colorful and modern. I wouldn't mind a single tree that didn't block view of the house. I have provided 3 angles of the yard (two from either side via google maps and the one in the middle to showcase the natural slant of the soil to the right of the brick staircase).

The house is in New England so tree / plants should be location appropriate. Unfortunately, the left side of the house barely gets that much sunlight, so maybe designed with low light on that left side?” />

Simple front yard landscape design for my house – Freelance Job in Architecture – $100 Fixed Price, posted April 19, 2019 – Upwork

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