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Posted on 15.06.2019


Project Desciption

If you already have experience selling this is your chance to grow,
Generate the same thing you could generate in a call center without having to leave your home.
Our company is dedicated to providing computer services, hardware services, and even insurance products.
There is a wide variety of products, demographic, consumer base, industries and campaigns available to choose, focus & grow !!!!


-Have experience in sales of 6 months or more.
-Fluent English speaker
-Stable Internet connection.
-Headset with microphone.

-Quiet and quiet environment to develop the work.


-Employment relationship to indefinite term, you can continue working with us in a long term relationship
-Fortnightly payments.
-You will receive a payment of time + commissions for sales.
-Enjoy the time flexibility you are looking for, you can distribute your own schedule between the time slots of the available campaigns.

-Company has resources & culture to work from home/remote location.


-Contact potential clients and specify sales quotations. Cold CALL and some Inbound (HOT Leads!!!)
-Keep track of customers.
-Build Rapport with customer.

-Create product necessary and understanding.
-Provide Follow up and maintenance to clients.

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