Vb.Net solution in Vs as Windows service

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Posted on 14.05.2019


Project Desciption

I have a complete vs solution in vb.NET which can compile. The solution contains 2 parts – one for a form based application, and one as service. The solution can simply upload a txt-file to a server through a soap webservice (pick txt-file, 64-encode, send via soap webservice, and get reply), and return a reply from the server.

I need only the service part, so I can install this as a service on a Windows Server, so the task is as follows:
1. Pull out the form-part of the VS solution, so it's only a Windows service (for automation purposes)
2. Add code to "listen" to a folder on the Windows server, and send all txt-files one by one, and if successful (file uploaded via the web service, move the file to a archive folder).

If error, move to an error folder.
3. Add code to save all replies from the webservice for each file in a "txt-file" in another folder (so I can see what the SOAP webservice replied to each file).
4. The Windows service must be configurable using config file or similar, so I can enter local folders to be used, url and credentials for the soap webservice used to upload the txt-files.

I can provide the vb-net solution code upon request for quoting.
I'm a software developer myself, but have no experience with VB.NET.
I see this as a rather small task for an experienced VB.NET developer.

Please don't hesitate contacting me for further details and clarifications.
Looking forward to hear from you. It would be much appreciated.

Best regards…

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