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  • YouTube Script Writer Needed for Movie Review Videos

    Posted 19.04.2019 0 Bids $0.00

    I'm planning on doing movie review videos for my YouTube channel. Looking for someone to help me write the scripts. You must be very knowledgeable when it comes to movies,…

  • Freelance Blog Writer, Website Copy Editor, Newsletter Writer

    Posted 19.04.2019 0 Bids $0.00

    Hello! We are a startup digital marketing agency based in Brooklyn looking for a freelance writer. We are launching within the next few weeks and new a 5 star, super…

  • eBook writer for Contemporary Romance book

    Posted 19.04.2019 0 Bids $0.00

    I am looking for an experienced fiction book writer who can write a book on contemporary Romance. The book-length will be of a minimum of 20000 words – I will…

  • Simple front yard landscape design for my house

    Posted 19.04.2019 0 Bids $0.00

    Digital Design Work requested for my house: I have a simple front yard that I need help designing the landscape to make it less barren and more of a home…

  • Personal Assistant

    Posted 19.04.2019 0 Bids $0.00

    Just looking for someone that can handle any task. From turning on utilities to a property to signing our recruited employees up for their classes and keeping track and following…

  • 3D Mode and simulation

    Posted 18.04.2019 0 Bids $0.00

    He we are currently working on a project in Houston Texas, and we need help creating a simulations. Something similar to this video: We have the ship model in Sketchup…

  • I’m looking for a WordPress expert to help develop a WpGeoDirectory site/

    Posted 18.04.2019 0 Bids $0.00

    …looking for a strong WordPress developer with experience in building Directories via a WP Plug-In, preferably, but not limited to WpGeoDirectory. This project is for the Vacation Rental Industry in…

  • Video Editor Needed

    Posted 18.04.2019 0 Bids $0.00

    Looking for an awesome video editor to put intros and outros on our video content and podcasts. If we like your work and you can prove to work efficiently and…

  • Website design/dev – WordPress, Divi, needed FAST

    Posted 18.04.2019 0 Bids $0.00

    Need an experienced designer/developer to build a WordPress site, ideally using the Divi theme. We have a wireframe and the heavy lifting of design done, but need someone who can…

  • Дизайнер – по договоренности

    Posted 10.04.2019 0 Bids $0.00

    Мы – Digital-агентство, которое динамично развивается в сфере CPA-маркетинга в Украине. В связи с активным развитием и ростом команды, ищем дизайнеров для разработки промо-материалов рекламных кампаний (баннеров) в соц.сетях. Нам…