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  • Sales Assistant (Miami, FL) – parttime (May-27)

    Posted 27.05.2019 0 Bids $0.00

    Part-time job opportunity available for a sales assistant with MS Office proficiency and two years’ clerical experience. Duties include managing calendars, providing sales literature to clients, helping process paperwork, and…

  • Virtual app design – simple

    Posted 27.05.2019 0 Bids $0.00

    Designing certain part of app that involves virtual reality view through phone. Similar to the part of Snapchat that had the bitmojis showing up where you point your camera, in…

  • Text Translation

    Posted 27.05.2019 0 Bids $0.00

    Translation of texts or articles from English, Portuguese or  german language. I live in Germany since 2014 and speak fluent English and Germany. Portuguese is my mother language. I already…

  • Dads 1 year Anniversary Card

    Posted 27.05.2019 0 Bids $0.00

    I need to print my dads one year death anniversary invitation card for family and friends to attend our holy eucharistic mass. I have few pictures and poems to be…

  • Aws C+ Sdk communication layer

    Posted 27.05.2019 0 Bids $0.00

    I am looking for a C++ developer who is familiar with the aws sdk https://github.com/aws/aws-sdk-cpp in order to implement a communication layer for a C++ Linux-based client If you want…

  • Sales Professional (Tyler, TX) – remote (May-26)

    Posted 27.05.2019 0 Bids $0.00

    Full-time job, some remote work. Travel. Needs a bachelor’s degree and three- five years’ administrative educational experience. Prospect to build pipelines and personal relationships, create reliable forecasts, present pipeline status,…

  • Assistant Vice President – Client Delivery (PA) – remote (May-26)

    Posted 27.05.2019 0 Bids $0.00

    Telecommute position managing client delivery and operations functions. Provide management and leadership to meet client satisfaction. Must have relevant experience and strong analytical skills. If you want to get source…

  • Academic Proofreaders and Editors – All Subjects (Work from Anywhere) – remote (May-27)

    Posted 27.05.2019 0 Bids $0.00

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  • City Launcher – Business Development (Austin, TX) – remote (May-27)

    Posted 27.05.2019 0 Bids $0.00

    Support a space sharing/rental company during expansion into a new city market. Promote the value in participation and capitalize on opportunities. Requires a bachelor’s degree and 1-3 years’ experience. Full-time,…

  • Principal, Technical Project Manager (Englewood, CO) – remote (May-27)

    Posted 27.05.2019 0 Bids $0.00

    Work directly with clients and production teams to identify and interpret business needs and technical solutions. Requires PMP certification, high-level detail/accuracy, and 5+ yrs’ experience. Partly remote role requiring heavy…

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